What we can do for you and/or your business:

Services We Offer


We are centrally located in Los Angeles, CA 90045

Some of the Services We Offer

Accounts Payable
Track and pay all monthly invoices from vendors while controlling your company’s cash flow.

Accounts Receivable
Prepare and deliver invoices and month-end statements to your customers electronically or via standard mail.

Payroll Service
We’ll print all employee paychecks on time for delivery according to your company’s pay dates. If you prefer, this can be done either by direct deposit to the employee’s bank account, or via standard check writing and delivery. We also apply all appropriate withholdings for Federal, State, Local and Social Security taxes, and produce monthly, quarterly, and year-end payroll reports, along with W-2’s for all employees and/or independent contractors.

Overnight Delivery Service
Call us with your employee’s pay information, we will compute all tax deductions (federal, state, local), commissions, bonuses, pre-tax deductions, garnishments etc. and receive it fully processed the next day.

Our low prices are more than competitive.

Human Resources

Create and maintain employee files, we will also work with your legal counsel to create, review or update your employee handbook and implement policies and procedures.

Bank Reconciliation
We’ll balance your month-end bank statements and provide a detailed Profit and Loss report to track all revenue and expenses.

Credit Card Reconciliation
We’ll review in detail all credit card statements and categorize expenses on the Profit and Loss report.

Maintain Chart of Accounts
Based on the type of business, we’ll set up your revenue and expense Chart of Accounts so that your Profit and Loss reports will have all necessary details.

Financial Statements
Our accounting service prepares specific information about your company’s overall financial position, including the Profit and Loss Statement (also known as the Income Statement) along with a Balance Sheet showing all current assets and liabilities.

On-Site or Off-Site Service
Today’s industry-standard software gives you the choice of having accounting services provided at your office, or via remote access from our offices. This means that you can have expert accounting services in whichever manner is most convenient for you and/or your business.

Additional Services Provided

Budget Preparation
These reports help small business owners determine whether they have enough money to fund operations, expand the business and generate income for themselves. This is an essential business component that should not be overlooked.

Sales Tax, Local City Tax Computation and Filing
We will calculate and submit your Sales Tax payable and remit the amount to the State Board of Equalization on your behalf as well as local city tax returns and State business entity annual statements.

We’ll eliminate your role as a bill collector, thus freeing up time for you to devote your time to running and managing your company’s business and growth. This service allows you to maintain positive relationships with your customer base. We’ll handle difficult collection calls and/or prepare and follow up on written communication and further collection activities if required.

Assist in Special Projects
With several years of experience, we have the necessary skill sets to collaborate with you on any pending projects or expansion ideas which you may have in mind. We’ll assist in developing the necessary budgets, systems and personnel requirements in order to make your goals a reality. We can also assist you with the exhausting process of obtaining loans or refinancing. Over the years we have accumulated a long list of banks and funding related resources.

QuickBooks® Setup, Training and Maintenance

We are trained Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors. Based upon your business model, we will select, install and configure the software version which best suits your specific company’s needs. We will also provide training for your staff on how to use and integrate the software for the most cost effective and efficient maintenance of your company’s current and future systems.

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Administrative Services

There are times when your company may benefit from an outside professional in order to resolve office administrative issues. No matter what the problem, we have the background and expertise to identify and develop a solution which is tailored to fit your needs.

Office Setup and Organization
From simple office setup and organization, to complex filing systems, we have the ability to assist in the integration of ergonomics, simplification, software integration and systems implementation to allow your business to operate and grow at its most effective and efficient level.

Staff Training
From simple accounting and training, to employee performance breakdowns, we have the ability to analyze situations, and assist in developing the necessary solutions to improve employee retention, improve efficiencies and maintain profitability.

Notary Public
To help our clients save time, we offer our Notary services at your office or ours, whichever may be most convenient.

Individual, Sole Proprietor or Corporate Income Tax Preparation
We offer a full range of tax services, from planning and advice, to the completion of tax returns. These services are provided to a wide range of clients, so whether you’re a home-based business, restaurant, retail, wholesale, manufacturing or franchise business, we’ll ensure that your tax returns are completed in a timely and accurate manner, while still taking advantage of all possible deductions.