What information do I need to provide?

Required Information for Income Tax Return Preparation

Tax Return Preparation

What information do I need to provide for income tax return preparation?

There are four categories of information that you need to have ready when we prepare your return.

They are 1) Income, 2) Expenses, 3) Deductions, and 4) Other Information.

Examples for each of these categories include:

• Forms W-2 for all jobs you or your spouse held during the year.
• Amount of alimony received.
• Self-employment income from your own business or odd jobs (Reported on 1099).
• Unemployment income.
• Retirement income. This includes pensions, annuities, IRA or 401k distributions (Reported on 1099R).
• Social security benefits.
• State tax refunds received during the tax year.
• Forms 1099 for interest and dividends received from banks, mutual funds, and companies you own stock.
• Income from rental and royalty property you own.

• Child care expenses (please have tax id number of center or social security number of home provider).
• Medical expenses (any receipts for medical, dental and vision costs).
• Moving expenses (restrictions apply but bring what you have).
• Job related expenses not reimbursed by your employer (includes job hunting expenses).
• Amount of alimony paid.
• Federal, state and local taxes paid during the tax year.
• Expenses from your own business or odd jobs.
• Expenses from rental and royalty property you own.
• Payments made to household employees.

• Mortgage interest paid (if you own a home).
• Charitable contributions of cash and/or property.
• Casualty and theft losses.
• Depreciation of business assets purchased during tax year or converted personal property.
• Home Office deduction (bring all expenses for upkeep of home).
• Student loan interest and education expenses (Reported on 1098-T).

Other Information
• Social security numbers and birth dates for you, your spouse, your children and any other people you support.
• Sale and purchase records for any stock or other property you sold during the tax year.
• Bank routing transit numbers and deposit account numbers if you want any refund directly deposited to your bank account.

Please feel free to contact us for a PDF version of our new client questionnaire and tax organizer for the current year.

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